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Yamanaka Ino application~! [11 Oct 2006|10:37pm]

We have an application for Yamanaka Ino~! You know the drill everyone! Please read the following application and vote!

Ino Application! READ ME!Collapse )
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To apply, comment here~! [12 Oct 2006|04:24am]

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Application [20 Aug 2006|01:05pm]

Bear with me while I figure out the naruto-apps community. Meanwhile, there is an application for Shizune.

Please vote.

;'Name: Ranie
Character: Shizune
Personal LJ: sugarhusky
E-mail: sugarhamster@gmail.com
IM: Rashiruka

As medic and being Tsunade-sama's personal attendant, working around the clock, checking on patients at the hospital, helping Tsunade-sama on the mission reports, (gosh and also waking her up in critical times, sometimes this job keeps me up all night but its worth the trust Tsunade-sama had given me though sometimes her gambling tends to get out of hand)and also looking after Tonton. I also sometimes worked missions for the village. Ocassionally Genma and the other jounin and chunin would drop by to report their status or receive missions.

I looked up from the paper works I was working and a whole lot to go too T__T with when I heard Tsunade-sama requesting for Raidou and Genma. They arrived. But something tells me something doesn't look right. They were listening attentively to what Tsunade has to say, however my medic instinct kicked in when I noticed that Genma looked...flushed. It has been a few weeks after the sound ninjas had walloped them bad. Its nice to see them up and working again but I warned them beforehand not to over-exert themselves with strenuous missions. Especially when the injuries they have takes some times to heal.

I decided to wait for the conversation to be over, I had to talk to him. When the conversation is over, they turned to leave to the door. I excused myself and walked near to the door when I overhead their voices. I overheard Raido saying something to Genma not to over-exert himself if he's not feeling well. Get someone to replace him. See Shizune. Didn't hear much from Genma himself and said it was just the weather. Not to worry about him. How can I not worry about him? He nearly died that day. Raido too. Sometimes I just don't get men.

I walked out of the door and peeks out. Raido seems to be standing infront of Genma's path with one hand supporting the wall intending to block his path. "Hey Shizune!" I heard my name and I walked over. I asked what was wrong and Raido nods his head towards Genma. Indeed something was wrong. Genma looked really tired and was sweating. He smiled and gestured hi, he seems to be putting a mask behind the pain, showing his composed attitude. But he's not fooling me from the signs he's giving out.

It takes some convincing to let him allow me to check on him for a while. Why does he has to be  so stubborn? Soon I sat him down on one of the couches at the lounge nearby. My fear was he maybe having a relapse of his injuries. Raido had complained about having bad headaches a week ago and painkillers were given to ease his pain.

Genma...how long had you been holding this on like this? You idiot... stop making me worry about you.  I slowly lie him down on the couch,unzipped his vest and kneeled down beside him . I felt his forehead for fever, checked his pulse for irregularity. I placed one hand over his forehead and the other behind his head to support him, starting to perform medical jutsu on him to ease any pain or discomfort he maybe having. "Raidou?" I turned to looked at him for a moment. "If you have any missions right now, please find Iwashi, he's not in a condition to go with you right now."

I felt Genma trying to get up or at least trying to speak. "Shhh, you stay down and try to relax your body or else." A voice firm but with a caring tone. Genma nodded slightly and soon I felt tension of his muscles relaxing, his eyes closed. Raidou smiled and silently took off to find his other teammate. Finished, I placed his hand to his stomach, from the breathing signs, he seems to be sleeping lightly.

His face colour had slowly regained to to a healthy colour which is good news. While he slept, i shuffled with work and then back to check on him once every half hour. Three hours later, I found him sitting up. I brought him, medicine, drink and something hot to recuperate his strength back. Genma filled me in and told me he didn't mean to over-exert himself , he had been working all night on something special for special somebody right after a mission, he didn't catch enough rest , that was why he was fatigued. He continued told me that he had caused this person "alot of troubles for making her worry so much and for saving his life" and wanted to return the favor in appreciation.

I felt that was sweet of him. Gift or whatever he was doing, I would still prefer that he takes care of himself properly and get some rest later on. Still I was curious to know who this lucky person is but I respect his decision if he doesn't want to tell me. Who who?! Please let it be me, I hope its me! >_>;;    All I can say is "Please take care of yourself , get enough rest and take the medications. If you are still feeling unwell, please find me or any of the medics in the hospital. "  "And About the last minute replacement?" he's always serious about his post. "I will update Tsunade-sama about it, don't worry." Genma nodded and smiled, his senbon faced up. He thanked me and walked towards the window. We bid our goodbyes.

I walked back to the office with intention to update Tsunade-sama on the last minute change of mission members and saw Tsunade-sama napping over the documents again. My eyes turned into circles and sweatdropped. I looked up into the ceiling and sighed. Tonton sighed as well. Looks like I have to wake her up and get back to work. Moments later, the door opened,Kotetsu and Izumo walked in with high stack of files. Here we go, don't panic...take it easy.
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Asuma application. [11 Feb 2006|04:23pm]

Subject: Stuck in here

Strange how a small piece of paper can turn your world upside down.

Information about Konohagakure is pretty hard to get here. But information like this....I would have rather not received it at all.

It's strange how the little things I used to think to be annoying are going to be the ones I'm gonna miss. Her nagging at Shikamaru-kun, her comments about what food Chouji-kun would eat, her complaints about futile things such as Uchiha-san looking more at Haruno-san than at her. But I'll miss most her determination, her playful act around the boy whenever she was nervous or worried. I'm gonna miss her scolding about cigarette smoking.

Damn. Aren't we suppose to die before them? Isn't what's suppose to be?

I hope someone is taking care of the boys for me. I hope someone threw a rose for me on her tomb.

I hope the order of getting back home is gonna be sent out soon. Even if home is not the same home anymore...


Subject: The return of the Great Sarutobi.

So I am finally back. To find out that SOME PUNK USED MY FLAT FOR SOME PARTY TIME!!!! They are several empty bottles of some cheap booze lying around the mess they did. Even the bed was used. Neitherless to say, I'm sleeping on the couch until I can change the whole thing. You never know what could have been spilled on the mattress. The punk should hope I never get my hands on him. Because Morino-san's is gonna look like a saint compared to me after I'm gonna be done with the guy...

But before sleep, I'm out for some needed drinking time. Hatake, you better be there. I'm counting on you to bring me back home like the last time. And to stop me from flirting a girl half my age....like the last time... What would a guy like me do without a friend like you, huh?

[Private] I wonder if Kurenai is gonna be there...[/Private]


Poll #671402 Asuma application.

Yes or no?

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Tsunade application. [11 Feb 2006|04:22pm]

Why must I keep seeing it all around me? The sickening sticky substance that coarses through my veins. Its disgusting and yet, I must deal with it everyday. Being the medicinal nin I am, I have to see it. I have to be strong for this village. Its not always something you ask for.

In fact I remember a time when I could have cared less over who became the next Hokage. Orochimaru wanted it so badly that its almost ironic that I came to assume this role. Why don't I just hand it over to the moronic pervert over there while he's writing those books. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I wish to keep this job.

I feel the power it needs, I have the power it needs. Can I even do this job correctly though? Running a whole village takes alot, but I'm not always alone. I have help...I have Shizune and the pervert. Maybe I can handle this responsibility. That's it, I can. I merely just need to think positive.

Positive, yeah right! Like thats going to happen. I need a drink. Some sake would be my liquid savior at this point. Now, if only I can sneak away from Shizune long enough to get some.

All in all, maybe this job won't be as menecing as I think it will be.


Poll #671401 Tsunade~!

Yes or no?

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Ebisu application~! Vote or SUFFER MY WRATH. [10 Jan 2006|12:20am]

The honorable Godaime Hokage has decreed that all shinobi keep up a log of their daily activities. Though I do not see much use in documenting trivia about my personal life, if it is my commander’s will, there must be some value in these journals. Hopefully I will be able to discover what in short order, since even as I write this, I feel rather foolish.

Time: 7 am
Location: My apartment

Awoke at the usual hour, feeling slightly ill. Will not go to that sushi restaurant again. Tried health smoothie recipe acquired by Maito Gai last week for the first time. Though that man is not restrained enough to make for the ideal shinobi, his smoothies are exemplary, even with the protein powder (wonder if the supplements are natural, though). Must thank him at next jounin meeting.

Time: 7:30 am
Location: Library

The librarian is tardy today. Will remind her of the value of punctuality as soon as she arrives.

Time: 7:35 am
Location: Library

On second thought, not such a good idea. She does not look as if she’s had her morning coffee yet. Past experience has proven talking to her before her daily caffeine injection to be a bad idea. Nose is no longer perfectly symmetrical as a result.

“Basic Jutsu Made Easy” has finally arrived. Will be lending it to Udon after training today. His henge leaves something to be desired. Additional practice recommended. Hopefully with his parents, not with myself. Such minutiae is tedious beyond belief. Do not have fond memories of teaching it to Konohamaru, as it was promptly misused for less than noble purposes. Mind is still scarred from seeing my student turned into a very naked woman.

Time: 8:30 am
Location: Northern training grounds

Udon and Moegi were already waiting for me when I arrived at the scheduled meeting time. Neither of them had an explanation for Konohamaru’s absence. Must remember to give him additional laps as soon as he arrives. It is never prudent for a shinobi to be late.

Time: 8:40 am
Location: Northern training grounds

Started training without Konohamaru. Began with shurikan practice. Udon’s aim has improved. Moegi still allows herself to become distracted after a short amount of time. Her patience leaves something to be desired.

Time: 9:00 am
Location: Northern training grounds

Konohamaru still has yet to show up. I am beginning to wonder what is detaining him. Usually he is wise enough to not try my patience for more than ten minutes or so. Put Udon and Moegi through bunshin practice. Moegi has improved her control to allow her to summon four clones. Udon is still stuck on three, but is expected to increase that to four by the end of the week.

Time: 9:30 am
Location: Northern training grounds

I’ve sent Udon and Moegi home early with some homework. Horribly neglectful of me as a teacher, I know, but I am worried about Konohamaru. He should have shown up long ago and is usually punctual, as he has become a lot more enthusiastic about his shinobi training ever since that first encounter with Uzumaki Naruto. I am going to have to go look for him.

Time: 10 am
Location: Ramen shop

This is starting to become ridiculous. No one has seen hide nor hair of Konohamaru all morning. I thought perhaps that the boy had simply slept in, but he isn’t at his apartment.

Time: 10:30 am
Location: Who gives a shit

Where the hell is that boy? Has he fallen in a hole somewhere and broken his leg? Hit his head and is lying somewhere, unconscious? Or worse… what if someone kidnapped him? The grandson of the Sandaime Hokage… who knows what horrible things they could be putting him through right now? Oh no oh no oh no… Konohamaru is my responsibility and I allowed him to be kidnapped by ruthless mercenaries? What the hell is wrong with me? When did I become so careless? How could I lose track of a boy I’ve been training since he was six?

The Godaime is going to kill me.

Time: Noonish… haven’t had time to look at a clock
Location: Some tree… somewhere. I don’t care

Forget the Godaime killing me. I’m going to kill me. I should gut myself right now in recompense for my irresponsible inattention. How could I let this happen? Oh honorable grandson… how could I let them take you? What kind of jounin am I? Oh horrible, horrible failure…

Wait a minute.

Time: 12:05 pm
Location: Cemetary

How the anniversary of the death of the Sandaime Hokage could have slipped my mind, I’ll never know. Two years now, and I’ve already forgotten. Shameful.

Konohamaru has been here all morning. Apparently Uzumaki Naruto came by earlier to pay his respects. The day when that kid pays more attention to propriety and honor than myself is… well, today, I suppose.

Konohamaru is finished now. He missed breakfast to come by early. Since nutrition is an important part of keeping healthy, it’s my duty as a teacher to make sure he gets lunch.

Konohamaru has suggested ramen. Minimal health value, but… today of all days, I know I should humor the boy. One or two bowls of ramen won’t kill him.

I’ll come by to pay my own respects to the Sandaime later. It is only right that I should do so. One should never forget. That is the reason we have national treasures like the memorial stone, after all. A shinobi’s last contribution to his country is something that should always be held in everyone’s memory.


Poll #649099 Ebisu~!

Yes or No?

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Kankuro application~! Do the voting thing, kthx. :D [31 Dec 2005|04:58pm]

Subject: I have a funny feeling...(after reading the previous Kankuro's entry, and a Temari entry)

In truth, I don't think I'm that type of person that believes in that hocus pocus crap and superstition bullshit. After today, I think I gotta think twice about that.

I don't think waking up with pain in my ass was quite my intention in starting off the day. Not including the fact that I'm still in Konoha, with an absent sensei. I didn't scare you that badly with my skills, did I, sensei? XD

Apparently from our talk last nite, he told me that even though he was gonna be gone today was gonna be my "day-off" from training. Baki-sensei also said somethin' about "strengthing realtionships with past allies". What allies? And I thought that this trip was a hardcore training session T_T. What the hell is he thinking? That I'm socially inept?? Hey, it's true I spend a hell load of time with my wooden babies, but I ain't THAT inept.

After taking a morning shower, I had my mind decided in just stayin in the hotel room fiddlin with Kuroari and Karasu. I AM NOT INEPT God knows when was the last time I updated their weapons. I think Karasu's still got a couple of dead kikai bugs in him from that fight in Konoha ages ago. If I see that bug freak in Konoha, it ain't gonna be pretty. Their weapons check is more important than meeting total strangers and visiting old "friends". -winces at the word-

But first, COFFEE. Before leaving the bathroom, I spied a small coffee service set on a drawer.

Let me tell you. That is some nasty shit right there. I'd like to cram the whole fucking pot right up the manager's ass.

After pulling on my usual black atire [no hood coz it's getting hot here] and painting my face in a simpler-than-usual design, my hunt for some DECENT coffee began.

In a city so big, you'd think its inhabitants would have SOME sense in direction telling or something. But after askin some of them for instructions to the nearest place sellin' some coffee and breakfast, I proved my own theory wrong. Luckily, I spied a small restaurant, ending my uneventful search for my addiction thirst for caffeine and some breakfast.

Going inside, I noticed some familiar faces [mostly some of the jounin crowd] in the front of the restaurant. Attempting to not attract any attention from the bunch, I quickly ambled through the throng of tables and sat at one in the back. FINALLY, after ordering with a waiter [who seemed more concentrated on my face than the orders I was givin' her] I got my WELL DESERVED coffee.

And then it happened. After just taking one drink from it, the porcelein cup cracked slightly at first, then just feel apart entirely, spilling its contents on the table and not to mention, very PAINFULLY on a VERY sensitive body part.

I get it that these things happen, but at that moment, I was thinking about Suna with Gaara and Temari. Tch...so many things have happened since Gaara became Kazekage, I don't think a day goes by without me worrying about how he's dealing with things. Temari on the other hand...well, let's just say that things have been happening with her that seem very surprising that "engagement" scenario is still replaying itself in my nightmares.

Among the other thoughts running through my mind PAIN, DAMMIT!!, one was made clear.

Getting home as soon as my training was finished.


Poll #643366 Kankuro application~!

Yes or no?


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Chouji Application~! Vote or uh-- we'll throw you into traffic! [01 Dec 2005|08:55am]


I heard from Shikamaru that Ino's alive. INO'S ALIVE. I'm so...I can't even express how relieved I am--NOTHING can upset me right now...not even the fact I'm out of instant ramen! Well, okay, that upset me a little... It's strange, I never really realized how important she is to me until I thought she was gone ;__; I wasn't able to eat for almost 3 hours (Although I quickly realized that Ino would want me to eat--I couldn't very well go against her wishes, could I?)! Hooray for second chances! I should go visit her right away so we can go out for barbeque catch up.

That said, now I can focus on my new recipes instead of moping around eating cookie-dough ice cream by the gallon. Maybe I can even have a stand at the festival--that'd be so cool (I just need to work on not eating every single dish I make...so far, this is proving more difficult than I originally thought. COME ON, CHOUJI, WILLPOWER~!!). I'll probably need to go shopping soon...r-running low on ingredients... >__>;

I'll stop by and visit Ino on my way to the market...or maybe on my way back, so that way I can bring her something. INOSHIKACHO FOREVER~!!


Poll #624171 Chouji Application~!

Yes or no?

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Sakura application~! Vote or you're off the island. [15 Nov 2005|09:01pm]

Subject: I need a break from "normal"

Is it just me, or do there seem to be a lot more couples lately?

Everyone these days seems to be with someone. Shizune-san and Genma-san finally hit it off, I’ve heard things about Kei-san having a boyfriend, I’ve heard a few rumors about Kakashi-sensei and Kurenai-sensei (which I will have to investigate), and even Neji had engagement and relationship drama. (It’s a sad day when Neji’s love life is more exciting than mine. -_- ) Heck, I heard even Ino was progressing with That Guy! (Hey Ino, is this relationship of yours on a public need-to-know basis yet?) That Guy! Ino is getting more action with That Guy than I am! ...Wait, I mean... It’s not like I want action with That Guy, but… Action would be nice!

Unfortunately, Sasuke-kun hasn’t been paying me much attention lately. Well, he did escort me around the festival after I was rescued. I’d actually thought that something might finally be starting to happen between us that night, but... in the days following, things just kinda went back to... normal.

At first I figured it was because we were both so busy with our training. Being the Hokage’s apprentice really is a time-consuming job (Shizune-san, you have my admiration) and I hear Anko has been training him. But then we all had the mission with the hot springs and repairing the inn. I thought we’d finally get a chance to spend more time together, but.....


At least the repairs were all made, and the hot springs were nice although I didn’t use them much after hearing about Ino’s experience. And I did help hose Sasuke-kun off after he’d cleaned out the sewage. I would’ve liked to help with more maybe, but the smell really was bad. -_-

Now we’re back and things are still “normal”. -_- Training for him, and training for me. Tsunade-sama started me on new exercises that give me hands-on experience with patients, but also has me really busy. Night-shifts too. Ugh.

But... even though it’s frustrating... I feel what I’m doing—-training under Tsunade-sama—-is very important too. Those days when Orochimaru threatened Konoha... tried to capture Sasuke-kun... and the days he had captured me... I was too weak to do anything. I couldn’t save myself let alone my friends. And I’ve been that way for a long time. Too long.

That’s why I’m training under the Hokage. To become strong. Strong enough to keep Orochimaru away from Sasuke-kun; strong enough to help Naruto the next time Akatsuki calls; strong enough so that Kakashi-sensei doesn’t land himself in the hospital every time he comes to the rescue. I don’t want to be one of the people waiting for them to come home, I want to be one of the people who brings them back there.

Sasuke-kun probably doesn’t need a girlfriend right now so much as he needs another ninja and comrade watching his back. Not to say I’m giving up (NO WAY!), but part of the means of getting his attention is to make sure he’s around to get.

A future doesn’t land in your lap —- you build it. And now I’m building mine.


I really wouldn’t mind being a couple though!

Poll #613475 Sakura~!

Yes or no?


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Zetsu application~! Please vote or the bunnies will get it. [06 Nov 2005|03:20pm]

Based on the recent manga chapters.

Subject: Rabbit Stew

I am starting to think this...Tobi guy isn't going to leave me alone.
He might if we let him in~
Maybe if I ate him. Though a guy like that might give me heartburn.
You're so uptight.
Deidara, and Kisame have been sent after the last one? How did I not know this?
We're slipping?
What an odd pairing for a mission. I can't see anything good comming of that. It's funny though.
Also, I want to eat that rabbit.
But it's so cute!!
shut up
I wonder what the others are doing. I will go and see.


Poll #606518 Zetsu application~!

Yes or no?


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[04 Nov 2005|09:16pm]

Open as of 11.04.05

Hagane Kotetsu
Haruno Sakura
Kamizuki Izumo
Nara Shikato
Sarutobi Asuma



Hoshigake Kisame
Uchiha Itachi

[02 Nov 2005|08:32am]

Set when Chiyo makes her critical move that caused Sasori's death in the manga.


Heh...Granny, you're such an idiot.

Hopelessly dreaming that my antagonism toward you would be limited? Please. At least, not before this fight anyways.

Why did I do this in the first place...? Why did I kill so many, and foil your dreams to make me happy? Heh...I don't even know the answer now. Now that I have the body that I wanted and I became the person needed for such purposes, my goal has now become an anachronism, right? This is so bothersome.

That Sakura girl...what is she saying? Why is it making me doubt my path? For once, I feel weary and tired of this place. What is beyond this mechanical body? I don't even know how living as a real person is, now that I have these puppets; it is unnerving after hearing her speak.

But wait...the shred of emotion that is left for Granny...it is still there for some reason.

There is a reason for everything. That is what Hitokugutsu no Satori-san, my sensei said..

Heh...I shouldn't stand around and wait, like I did with killing the Kazekage. I should make her-

Ah. She made her move.

...decisions, decisions...

One last part, Granny. One last bit of me that's left to fight, and then we'll see what's behind what you left in me.


Poll #603444 Sasori~!

Yes or no?



Remember, voting is mandatory.
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Shino application~! Plz to be voting now. [23 Sep 2005|07:28pm]

Subject: Aftermath

I've returned from my brief sojourn with a few superficial, and thus, unimportant wounds, a sprained wrist, and a wealth of knowledge, in more ways than one.

Practiced a good bit of jutsu out there. I have to say, I liked going off like that with my father, just us two. Pretty much how it's always been, or rather, how it's been since I could clearly recall. Don't get me wrong, I do indeed remember my mother, but the quality of those memories is kind of blurry, and vague at best...we talked about her some. Actually, a lot..and I didn't do much talking, mostly listening. I found out a great deal..that I'm more than a little opposed to sharing in this particular forum, for all to see. I'd much more prefer to keep that which I learned on this topic, to myself, where aforementioned information is safe. I can be selfish too sometimes.

However, speaking of learning, I learned something...a dreadfully interesting jutsu which my father taught me. He mentioned having planned to teach it to me when I was older, but as it turns out he's confident enough in my current ability to just skip ahead with it.

Don't take this following statement as arrogance in any way, but I must admit, I am quite pleased with myself right now. Despite the soreness of my body, aching wrist and visible effects of sleep deprivation such as dark circles around my eyes I'm experiencing at the moment.

...Sleep. Sleep sounds like a very good idea, and therefore I do believe I'll end this here and give up consciousness in exchange for dreams for a while.


Poll #576254 Shino app~!

Yes or no?

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Chouji application~! [15 Aug 2005|01:35am]



I didn't really do much of anything all day until I heard *that* sound. Yes the sound that brings hokages to their knees! The sound of a bag of bbq potato chips being opened. I tried to contain myself, I wasn't supposed to get out of my bed, BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE!!! IT IS UNLAWFUL AND DISGRACE FUL TO ALLOW ANOTHER SOUL TO CONSUME THE LAST CHIP!!!! I rushed outside of the door quickly to snatch the last chip out of the perpetrator's hand and chomped down on it feircly. It was like being in a desert and finding an endless supply of water!

When I finished that heavenly delight, I looked to see who had the bag in the first place to find that it was Ino-chan.

And that I was still in my underwear.

MY 2ND WORST NIGHTMARE HAD BEEN REALIZED!!!!!!!!!! To make matters worse, IT HAPPENED JUST AS SHIKAMARU WAS COMING AROUND THE CORNER. You can't imagine how akward it was from that point until she left.

Later, when we were alone, Shika told me I had urned as red as a strawberry. I could use some strawberries right now. He also told me that we had a b-rank mission in three days, He did'nt explain it very well, but there was one part I did understand....


That was the only good news of the day....though, he did smuggle in a bag of chips! HE IS TRULY A GENIUS AND THE BEST FRIEND AN AKIMICHI COULD HAVE!!!!

I can't wait to get out. Asuma-sensei will probably make me train........


I need to go to sleep so I can forget about my unparalelled hunger......yea....sleep.....

Poll #552148 Chouji application~!

Yes or No?



A cautionary note: We are paying attention to who has and has not been voting.
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TWO Itachi applications. Please read both before voting. Thanks. [13 Aug 2005|08:59pm]

Note: Please read BOTH applications before voting. If you already placed a vote for the first application, please vote again. Thank you.

First Application

Today was rather uneventful. Akatsuki seems to have come to a standstill in its operations. The boy who possesses the kyuubi is proving to be quite elusive. I'm not concerned - but I am growing impatient.

The leader spoke to me today, and expressed concerns about Kisame's grasp of and commitment to our purpose. He made it clear that perhaps it would be prudent if I led him back to the correct path. I'll attend to it in my own time. I believe the concern is unfounded.

The leader seems to doubt us all. And it's no surprise, considering our backgrounds. We are an organisation formed, run on, and perpetuated by duplicity. No doubt he has prepared for any foreseeable attempted arrogation or defection.

He hasn't reason to doubt me - yet. Loyalty suits my end, for the time being.


Second Application

I suppose I should have known better.

I feel terribly weak. Using Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi in the same day makes me unbelievably tired. Kisame, of course, is worried and all... the opposite of what Leader-sama will be once he finds out that we miserably failed to retrieve the Kyuubi. I wonder what the others are going to make of this...

However, we did face difficulties. When we found Kyuubi’s vessel, otouto interfered before we could do anything. He surprised me with Chidori, but his anger blinded him and I broke his wrist to teach him his mistake. I was almost interrupted by the vessel but Kisame took care of that. When I turned to face my foolish brother, Jiraiya burst through the door.

I had been prepared to battle him but my brother stood to face me again. Instead of sparing him, I decided to pound him even more, beating him until he was bloodied and battered. And that was when I used Tsukiyomi, putting him in it so that he relieved the day I killed our clan for the next 24 hours/ the next three seconds. But I totally neglected Jiraiya, only remembering that he was there until he used that disgusting technique of his.

Before I decided to escape, I whispered one more taunt to my brother, telling him to hate me more. I then used Amaterasu and made my escape quickly. Kisame then began to chastise me on the stupidity of doing such.

In which then I started hurting, and in which then, after we were a good sixty miles away, I puked up the ramen we had before and decided to have some dango and pocky to try to comfort myself.


Poll #551573 Itachi applications~!

First or second application?

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Sakon/Ukon application~! VOTE OR DIE. [05 Aug 2005|08:51pm]

WE are agitated. We are awesome and the great Orochimaru-sama didn’t ask us to go to Konohagakure. He sent that bastard Kimimaro to fetch stupid Kidoumaru stupid idiot got lost, ha ha!

So we have a new pet to play with. A Haruno Sakura-san is in our possession. I’m so glad that she agreed to help us, what with being kidnapped agreeing to come with us and all.

AH! We are so bored! All we have to do is put up with Tayuya and torment Jiroubou Jiroubou has been cooking like crazy lately…. He’s supposed to be watering Kimi-fucktard’s plants….are plants supposed to be a greenish-brown or brown? The only green thing in that god forsaken room is the thorny thing and the cactus by the door they freekin attacked me! I did nothing to provoke them! what does he feed those things. I wonder if he’s going to be upset? Hrm…

We can only hope that Kimi-fucktard and Kidoumaru can return soon. Because if Konoha is Konoha, we’ll be seeing some action! YES! Something to do! Something other than boring training!

Hey Sakon, it’s sad to say but, I don’t think Kimi-chan has an STD.
Really now? What do you think he has, Ukon?
I think he contracted leprosy from that mummy, straw-backed kid we were associated with three years ago.
...Is it in remission?
Let’s go ask Jiroubou. I’m sure he can help us. He’s so gullible helpful in these situations.


Poll #546636 Sakon/Ukon application~!

Yes or No?



[Edit]: I forgot to make this poll friends only, so please, please -- only players can vote on the applications, preferrably from your character's journal. Thanks.
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Kiba app~! Vote with the poll-- comments optional. [30 Jul 2005|11:11pm]

Rin let me (as in K-chan) hijack her LJ for use of poll. She rules. Give her cookies.


July 8th.

AGH. Okay, yesterday... was total insanity. As soon as I woke up, got dressed and headed downstairs, WHAM. CHAOS EVERYWHERE. Dogs, people... more dogs... sweet Kami they were all over the place! And I thought Hana's birthday was hectic!

So yeah, if ya didn't already know, me and Akamaru's birthday was yesterday. Why the hell my entire clan made such a big deal about it, I have no idea. All I really wanted was to have a nice, peaceful hangout with Shino and Hinata on my afternoon off, but noooo. I lost Akamaru somewhere, got roughhoused by my cousins, then dragged to the tattoo parlor to have my face markings re-inked by my crazy uncle who stunk of sake because he was flipping DRUNK at two in the afternoon, and I was SCREAMING and--

Ugh. It was a nightmare. But at least he had to stay at work instead of staying at our place and ultimately passing out face-first into our birthday cake or something. Because let me tell you, that was some damn good birthday cake! And ya wanna know what the best thing is about having so many relatives?

THE PRESENTS, BABY! Which made everything so totally worth it in the end! Well, almost... because now my mom is screaming at me to get my ass out of my room and help her clean the mess everyone left behind. Heh, bastards...


Poll #542863 Kiba Application~!

Yes or No?

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Gaara Application~! Vote via poll; comment if desired. [25 Jul 2005|12:56am]

Note: The timeframe for this post is following Gaara's fight with Naruto.


i do not understand. i am confused.

why has this occured? this epiphany upon my mind...

all my thoughts, my way of living, my aggression...what am i supposed to do? my mind is in a jumble right now. i cannot meditate properly, i am getting continual spasms of attack from ichibi within my mind, and my brother and sister...they are doing their best to help right now, without fear...but more worry than normal. temari especially. somehow i must give them thanks, though i have shown resentful feelings towards them more than once.

that boy...naruto. he has shared the same pain as me. living alone because of hatred. being robbed of those chances to become strong. resented for something you did not cause. knowing no thing such as parents. but he chose a different path. his own path; to find a way to become powerful in his own sense and to never give up or turn from his way. become loved by others instead of putting love in destruction. using the power within him for care and not hate. it is his...way of the ninja.

affection...something i have never known. or have i? yashamaru...you didn't care at all, did you? baki-sensei...yes, he has shown worry and grief and affection for me. he has become...i suppose, a father that had to be distant. my brother and sister...they have truly tried to get through to me. but i pushed them away and poured the same hateful sand within my gourd towards them. with this many people...no, this much love...what should i do?

but i have gone so far along this path...this path of destruction, and chaos. murder and desperation for something i did not understand. becoming the demon inside me. almost setting it free and destroying so much it is unbearable. can i really turn back? is it possibly conceivable that i should continue along this road that reeks of shinigami's trace?...i doubt it.

no. i must turn back, and start a new road. it is time for a new person. a new gaara.

for my siblings' sake. for suna's sake. for baki-sensei.

and for naruto's sake, for teaching me all this that i was blind to.


Poll #538968 Gaara Application~!

Yes or No?

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Iwashi Application -- VOTE IN THE POLL (comment if necessary) [17 Jul 2005|03:55pm]

Everybody is acting so weird lately. Shizune-san's been really jumpy and stressed lately (more than usual at least). I went into her office the other day to ask her a question about our mission. She didn't hear me enter so I went over and tapped her shoulder.....I don't know who had a bigger heart attack; myself or her. I felt really bad though, because when she freaked out, not that I blame her, all the stacks of papers turned into a new carpet. I think she nearly cried.

Then there's Genma. I haven't seen him in a couple of days. I heard from Raidou that he and Genma have been bar hopping lately. Poor Shizune-san's probably jumpy because she has to clean up after Genma. The last time I had him at my house after one of his "excursions" nearly killed me. I had to clean up vomit. It was so bad that I had to enlist the help of Mr. Clean(TM) and Gai-san's "Super Ultra Cleaning Solution for the Youthful: Lotus scented"(TM). Mr. Clean(TM) took the vomit right off the wood floors....but I didn't trust Gai-san's solution on the wood. The carpet, however, looks like I just bought it. I know it worked right through cause I accidentally got some on my hand man that freekin burned!

Since everyone seems to be busy and no one has invited me on their excursions, I decided to buy myself some fish. I bought a huge 30 gallon tank and put a gourami, some betas, a couple of gold fish, a koi or two, two algae eaters, a turtle, and three frogs. There is some rocks for the turtle and some lily pads for the frogs. I don't know what kind of food the fish eat so I bought some millet. I hope they like it! <3

Note to self: even when at work, avoid Kotetsu at all costs. He started talking to me about Hokage-sama in the most inappropriateway...I swear my face was the colour of the ink I was using. I politely excused myself to the men's room where I composed myself.

....Jeez, everyone is acting weird.

Poll #534187 Iwashi Application~!

Yes or No?

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[17 Jul 2005|03:45pm]

Hello, all~! Tenten player here, under her regular (and paid) journal. We are hijacking my journal in order to implement a new voting system, and this is how it's going to work.

1. The application will be posted as it usually is.
2. Following the application, there will be a poll. YOU MUST BELONG TO THIS COMMUNITY TO VOTE IN THE POLL. Join under one of your character's journals, please.
3. You may or may not justify your vote in comments. It is not required. It is only required that you PLEASE VOTE.
4. As always, a majority vote wins.
5. You are REQUIRED, as a NarutoRP member, to participate in voting. Please do not try to find out what happens if you do not regularly vote.

We are reposting the Iwashi application using this new system. If you already voted for the Iwashi application, please do us a favor and vote again. We would really appreciate it.

Thank you~!
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