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Yamanaka Ino

To apply, comment here~!

1. narutorp is NOT a self-invite RPG; there is an application process.
2. We are actively seeking players at this time, and we're pretty friendly.
3. Please check here for a list of open characters. You may also apply for characters not listed on the info page (as long as they're not dead -- no ghost Hayates, sorry.)
4. If you wish to join, please comment to this post with a sample journal entry. Please also include some other means of contact (eg e-mail), as well as your personal LJ account name.
5. We are NOT currently accepting original characters.
6. Make sure that you've read and understood all of the rules and guidelines here. So we know that you've read the rules, please add the line "I like icha icha paradise" in the subject line of your comment.
7. All comments containing applications will be screened. Once received, applications will then be posted anonymously to the community, and members of the RP will decide whether to accept or reject based on democratic vote. The applicant will be notified as soon as possible of the decision.

Name: K-chan
Character: Yamanaka Ino
Personal LJ: dianoetic
E-mail: FallofRain143@aol.com
IM: FallofRain

Subject: Up in Roses

When did everything get so complicated? Wasn't it just yesterday I was fighting with Sakura over who was cuter and who Sasuke liked better? Now here we are, sitting side by side as if nothing has changed since we were children, picking flowers, playing with ribbons, watching the fights go on. Sakura is worried about Sasuke not showing up and this annoys me. Her own team mate is fighting with Neji, Hyuuga prodigy and she's worried Sasuke is late? As shallow and vapid as I seem (what? Hair, clothes, and cuteness matter to boys! It's a proven fact) I can appreciate camaraderie. Besides, I hate seeing her with that forlorn look on her face. It annoys me for some reason.

It was so easy when we were children, I was always so much better at everything. Outgoing while she was shy, loud as she was quiet... so I became her friend and tried to help her change herself. To become the beautiful flower of the spring, the Sakura I knew she could be. Then one day, everything changed. She found out we both likes Sasuke and then suddenly poof-- we're rivals. I didn't mind too much, it was part of the blooming period. Beat me, I mentally challenged her. I dare you.

And now? We're equals. Of course I'm 100 times prettier and better than she is, but ninja wise we are same. The same drive, the same fire that burns in us. I hate to admit, it was impressive. We fought as equals and came out even. We're not the same children anymore. We've faced pain and happiness, tears and joy, blood and sweat. Things used to be so clear to me. What happened to my confident certainty?


Shikamaru gave up his fight. Shikamaru, are you on drugs?! CHUUNIN. C.H.U.U.N.I.N!!!!! Chouji doesn't seem surprised. It seems I've been blind to many things, but this is just insane. Oh NO, what if his hormones have finally kicked in and he thought the bleach blond (there is no way her hair is natural, unlike mine. Hee) sand witch was CUTE or something and let her go because he wanted a DATE?! SHIKAMARU YOU IDIOT!!!! You're going to get a slap upside the head later. Don't worry.

Everything after that happened in a whirl of events I can't even contrive. Sasuke, sand guy, people screaming, explosions... it this part of the ninja way? What is my ninja way? I will make my own way to become strong.

I, too, will bloom in adversity, Sakura.


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